You’ve Been Separating Egg Yolks From Whites Wrong This Entire Time


I thought I knew about every way possible to separate egg whites from yolks but I guess I only scratched the surface of ideas. I ran across this idea on YouTube that someone posted on Facebook and almost didn’t finish watching it because there were so many dishes showing in the intro, I figured it was either too complicated, used too many dishes that I’d have to wash later or was a rehash of the same old thing I learned in Home Ec 101.

Boy was I surprised. It’s none of the above and a really great way to get just the yolks and leave as much egg white as possible, which is excellent if you’re making something that needs lots of fluffy whipped whites, like my favorite fluffy tapioca.

This is so simple and I have everything I needed in the kitchen, so I decided to try it immediately. Yes, I made tapioca that night for dinner. Yummers, nothing is as good as warm tapioca that’s fluffier than normal because of whipped thick egg whites. Not one yolk broke and very little of the whites made their way into the bowl with the yolks. It’s super easy, but watch it for yourself. You’ll want to post this one, I know I did.

Credit: handymania