40 Under Stairs Storage Space and Shelf Ideas

In my opinion, the biggest mistake that our society does is to let valuable things go to waste when there are so many ways of recycling stuff. I do my fair share and go to great lengths not to squander valuable resources, and I like to include time and space into this category.

I consider myself lucky to be living in a house rather than a flat, so space is not necessarily of the essence but I’m still reluctant to waste it. Let’s take the space below my stairs for instance, which is small enough to prevent me from placing furniture.

by David Nosella
by David Nosella

Until recently it was not used but served as a temporary storage place for boxes, obsolete objects, and other products on their way to the garbage bin. Now I have the pleasure of transforming it into an unlikely bookshelf, and much to his credit, my brother crafted the entire thing with his hands.

Pretty much anyone can do it, and books are not the only stuff that can be safely placed under the stairs, with anything from jars and vases to decorative items fitting in nicely. At the end of the day what matters is to enhance the appeal of your room, while conserving space and that’s exactly what the under stairs are for.

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