5 Ways to Make Homemade Ice Packs

By the time you realize that you need an ice pack, it is already too late to start making one. Time is usually of the essence. The very nature of these situations makes it essential to have one available, so it is wise to prepare in advance for those unfortunate cases when you need to apply something cold. I don’t want to be pessimistic or anything, as there are plenty of cases when you need to keep your meal cold or preserve something chilly and putting it in your fridge is not an option.

Regardless of the reasons for why you might need an ice pack, I find no reason to buy one instead of making one yourself. This is perhaps the easiest homemade recipe I had the chance of stumbling upon and since I’ve tinkered with it for a while, I can say that the concoction worked brilliantly. Although the first instinct is to think of water frozen in a pack and waiting idly for an emergency to occur, there are other ingredients that can be used just as successfully.


You are probably raising your eyebrows in disbelief hearing that corn syrup or dish soap are suitable ingredients, but I have tested both and they can be an excellent substitute for a gel. It doesn’t hurt to get creative when making your ice packs and if you are still reluctant to use any of these two ingredients, why not give rubbing alcohol a chance instead.

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