Homemade Stain Removers with Hydrogen Peroxide

I’m a sucker for miracle solutions and whenever someone presents something that sounds too good to be true, I immediately jump on the bandwagon. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments as a result, but this stain removal that has hydrogen peroxide as the cornerstone ingredient is not one of them. The idea that one simple substance that is not harmful for the environment or the ones using it routinely, can create a homemade concoction that removes any stains, appealed to me instantly.

If you are thinking about the costs of producing this stain removal, rest assured that it is one of the least expensive products out there. I dare you to find any commercial product that comes even close in terms of cheapness, as for results I think that it is better to let you discover yourself the incredible effectiveness of this stain removal. The only hint that I am going to give you is that it is every bit as efficient as bleach, without the plethora of detrimental effects.


It doesn’t take long to mix up the ingredients which are basically 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and twice that amount of Dawn. Once the brew is ready, I use a brush to rub it on the affected area and in a matter of minutes, even the most persistent stains vanish into thin air. You can use it for laundry as well as household stains, without worrying about its effect on the fabric or any other material.

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