DIY Chocolate Bowls with Whipped Cream & Berries

I can’t believe that people keep spending a lot of money on cookies and cakes purchased from the supermarket, when there are so many extraordinary recipes. One example that comes to mind is the homemade chocolate both, which is in my humble opinion the optimal dessert. I can’t possibly think of an occasion where this dessert would be inappropriate and I guess that few guests will resist the temptation of eating one chocolate cup too many. If there is one downside, then this has to be the fact that this dessert is using liquor, such as Southern comfort or Chambord, which makes it unsuitable for kids.

Where others see obstacles, I see opportunities and if you ask me, it is worth preparing a different type of cake for the little ones, just so you have the chance to enjoy the chocolate bowls. Obviously, if you insist, it is perfectly possible to use other flavors instead of alcohol but then again straying too far from the original recipe is rarely a good idea. One trick for creating the perfect bowls is to use a small balloon that needs to be carefully inflated and I suggest latex free ones to prevent allergies.



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